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Serving the Bay for more than 50 Years

Heat Pumps have become essential modern conveniences. They can heat a room much more efficiently than electric heaters, and equally offer cooling relief from the heat of summer.

At Affordable Electrical we understand the need for fresh air. We offer a great selection of reliable heat pumps, and as licensed electricians we can facilitate installation in places that are currently without adequate circuits.

We install heat pumps in:

  • Homes and apartments,
  • Retail stores, offices,
  • Schools, kitchens, cafes,
  • Warehouses and workshops,
  • and more!

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Brands We Recommend

Affordable Electrical have been in the business for decades, and we’ve learnt to value certain brands of heat pump. Feel free to contact us about our heat pump experience.


Class Leading Features

As technology advances, so does the efficiency, reliability and accessibility of the heat pumps we offer. Here are some highlights from our favourite heat pump models from the modern Panasonic range:

The new Panasonic Thermal Enhancement Technology (P-Tech) enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest time from start up, allowing for 15% faster cooling.

*Compared to Panasonic 2014 model.
*Aero Series only

Panasonic’s new AEROWINGS feature incorporates two independent blades that concentrate airflow to give you comfort in the shortest time possible. This also helps distribute air evenly throughout the room.*

* Aero Series only

ECONAVI sensors and INVERTER technology work together to moderate the temperature according to room usage. By adapting to the way you live and optimizing its operation, this unique feature makes the air conditioning more energy efficient and keeps you comfortable throughout the day and night.

‘nanoe-G’ utilises nano-technology’s fine particles to purify the air in the room. It works effectively on airborne and adhesive micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould thus ensuring a cleaner living environment.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Systems are amongst the quietest in the world, so you can enjoy the comfort of running your Air Conditioner at night and still have a relaxing sleep. The outdoor unit is also very quiet which means you don’t have to worry about keeping your neighbours up either.

One of Panasonic’s principles has always been to sustain the environment around us. Therefore, we have made it a goal to move toward the more ozone friendly refrigerant R32. It is especially suitable for use in Air Conditioning and results in better energy efficiency.*

* Aero Series only

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Discreet Comfort

A Panasonic Air Conditioner should be the hard-working hero you never notice. From noise measurements, to environmental performance and even operating ease, we repeatedly test our models to make sure they keep your home comfortable without ever intruding on your life.

Panasonic Discreet Noise

Tested Durability

We simulate continuous operation under the harshest of conditions, subject the outdoor units to wind and rain tests and then examine every mechanism to ensure we are delivering a rugged product you can depend on for many years.

Tested Durability

Shock Resistance

We love our Air Conditioners but that doesn’t mean we go easy on them. We simulate impacts, vibrations, drops and stacking issues the units might face in transportation and storage, so we know they will be ready for action when they reach your home.

Panasonic Shock Resistance


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